Jindao AlcoFlor panel

AlcoFlor launched in 2003 is a result of 30 years of well researched state-of-the-art access floor panels. The robust construction available in 4 basic models (light, medium, standard and heavy), is your guarantee that it meets with the ultimate performance. The features of models are:

  • 36 edge-to-edge resistance welds on top plate to underside.
  • 81 resistance welded points to give structural strength.
  • 49 deep drawn conical domes on underside using the highest quality of draw steel plate.
  • 2,400mm of 32mm deep raceway for added strength at the underside periphery.
  • 50 micron black conductive epoxy powder coated finish with
    extensive pre-treatment.
  • Interior strength and load bearing capacity.
  • ALCOCRETE light weight infill to entire cavity with perfect Acoustic performance.

Trox FB Floor Diffuser

The floor diffusers offered by Trox are made in either aluminum or plastic, and form attractive design elements for architects and consultants due to the excellent variety of surface finishes
and colours.

The floor diffuser core has a large number of radial ribs to produce a swirling discharge. This allows adjustment of discharge direction in critical operating conditions.

The diffuser is available in aluminium or plastic. An adjustable control element is used to change the direction of discharge. There are two types of control element one adjusts discharge between vertical and horizontal (V,H) the other one provides a fixed vertical discharge (VF). The trim ring should preferably be used with carpets to prevent the edges fraying. A spacing ring is supplied on orders without trim ring for technical reasons and to adjust the height.

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