Jindao Floors, Inc. (www.jindaofloors.com) has long been in the forefront of Raised Floor Technology. Using modern equipped manufacturing processes, Jindao Floors, Inc. has created a market niche for more than 30 years. Working hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, building contractors and refurbishment contractors together with our skilled craftsman and dedicated on site job experts, it is now possible for Jindao Floors, Inc. to undertake challenging projects and see them through to completion with integrity, dependability and excellence.

A quarter of a century has not only enabled Jindao Floors, Inc. to discover the deficiencies and limitations in the usual types of access flooring, but also develop alternatives to these problems. Jindao Floors, Inc. products to day incorporate many advanced functional and aesthetic features into the design and production of its access flooring panels.

Jindao Floors, Inc. is proud to include among its customers, giants of the American industry in aerospace, electronics, computers and others. Around the world, Jindao Floors, Inc. has erected tens of thousand square meters of general open plan offices, computer rooms, clean rooms and data canters.

Jindao Floors, Inc. will continue in the pursuit of its excellence through R&D, zero defect quality and state-of-the-art products. Jindao Floors, Inc. is now ready to meet the challenges of the new millennium from this commitment.

Jindao Floors, Inc. is considered as experts in underfloor air-conditioning for buildings in Southeast Asia and China. Jindao Floors, Inc. has completed 2 UFAD projects as follows:

New Securities Commission Headquarters in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Architects : Hijjas Kasturi Associates
Contract Value : US$ 1.5 million
Completion : 2000
Area : 25,000 square meters
Description : 400mm FFL access flooring in carpet and vinyl finishes. Designed to achieve a minimum air leakage rate of 20 liters per linear meter per minute at an underfloor air pressure of 50 Pa.

Access floor had provisions for swirl diffusers, linear diffusers and power, data and telecommunications outlets. Air-conditioning was based on a pressurised underfloor plenum. No ducts were employed.

New Ministry of Education Headquarters in Bouna Vista, Singapore

Architects : CPG Consultants
Contract Value : US$ 1 million
Completion : 2000
Area : 20,000 square meters
Description : 300 mm access flooring in carpet and high pressure laminate finishes. Access floor also designed to achieve a minimum air leakage rate of 20 litres per linear metre per minute at an air pressure of 50 Pa. A Data Centre involving aluminium access flooring was also installed for approximately 1,500 sqaure meters.

Air distribution was through swirl diffusers and perforated panels with dampers. Airconditioning was partially though ducts although an underfloor plenum was created.

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